Sunday, June 09, 2019

#Document Your Life - May 2019

Just as promised - her ist this months "Document your life" video including a baby rhino jumping in puddles.

The music in all my videos was kindly provided by Mr. Biest. I'll leave you the link to my YouTube channel here in case you want to check out my other videos.

Sunday, June 02, 2019


This month was a weird one. I wasn't feeling to well and therefore wasn't too motivated to do anything. Nevertheless I was busy - school, more school, D&D and a few social events. 
In pottery class I made a cup with a tentacle design that now holds all my brushes for miniature painting. I'm leaving them to dry lying flat but once they're dry I put them in there to safe space since I use the same desk for my minis and my sewing machine. Also in pottery class I did a drawing in preparation of making a small sculpture. The assignment was so create a chimera. Mine is half a bear half an owl.
One weekend I went to the zoo with my family. The weather was very rainy that day but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I filmed a few clips that I'll put in my video for this month - there will be a baby rhino jumping in puddles <3
And as you can see I added two new Funko Pops to my little collection. I'm actually in the process of rearranging my room to make space for a better display for all of them. 

Sunday, May 05, 2019

#Document Your Life - April 2019

Another month, another video. 

The music in all my videos was kindly provided by Mr. Biest. I'll leave you the link to my YouTube channel here and all my other "Document your life" videos in case you want to check out my other videos.

Sunday, April 28, 2019


This month was a slow and lazy one. School started again and I had a hard time to readjust to this kind of schedule. That resulted in me taking a lot of naps. The weather was great and I'm really looking forward to summer. Also pottery class started again and I realised how much I missed it. It's taught by a new teacher and even if it's only been one lesson so far I really like her. I started off by making a cup covered in tentacles.
I also made some more dice cages and I used my Instax for the first time in a while. And as you can see I bought some yarn. Yes, I finally started knitting again and so far my hand is holding up well. I went to a yarn and fabric faire where I bought this beautiful rainbow yarn. Do you remember how crazy I was about those gradient yarn a few year ago? I still love them <3

Sunday, April 07, 2019

#Document Your Life - March 2019

Here is this month's "Document your life" video. The weather turned really great - spring is finally here and I spend some time outside enjoying the sun. I also did some miniature painting and other crafty stuff.

The music in all my videos was kindly provided by Mr. Biest. I'll leave you the link to my YouTube channel here in case you want to check out my other videos.

Sunday, March 31, 2019


The month of March had his ups and downs. My internship is almost over and things had really turned for the better in the last few weeks. My practical exam (more like an observed lesson) went really well. I'm really proud of myself how I managed to get through this internship and it was nice to meet people who really had my back. It made it easier to deal with those who didn't.
But nevertheless being back to school for a few month will be a welcome change. I hope it will make things less stressful and I'll have more time for my hobbies again. I really want to start knitting again. I hope my hand (the one with the tendonitis) will be okay. It hasn't hurt at all in the last few weeks so I'm hopeful. I also really want to improve my miniature painting skills. I bought some basic equipment and now I'm hooked. I also tried my hand at making small chainmail like cages for some dice. I saw that on reddit a few weeks ago and I wanted to try it. By now I have a few leftover dice and it's a nice way to use these. I already made jewellery out of dice a few years ago but this way the dice won't get damaged and they're actually still usable once take out of the cage.

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