Sunday, August 02, 2015


I did the RadicalSelfLoveJuly challenge after I read about it in the German Nähkromanten Forum. I posted daily pictures on Instagram und Tumblr and I changed some of the orignal propts. Here are my pictures:

Durch einen Thread im Nähkromanten Forum bin auf die RadicalSelfLove Challenge gestoßen und habe den Juli damit verbracht täglich Bilder auf Instagram und Tumblr zu posten. Ich an ein paar Tagen etwas anderes gemacht als vorgegeben. Hier sind nochmal alle meine Bilder gesammelt:

July 1: Draw a self-portrait - I am quite out of practice, but considering that it's not so bad.
July 2: Favourite colour - My  Kånken backpack in Frost Green.
July 3: Laughter - I really like my dimples.
July 4: I believe  - Sorry, I coundn't resist that one...
July 5: Your friends - I didn't want to show any faces without asking.
July 6: Rainbow - I kinda wanted to put all the rainbow colored Facebook profile pictures here...
July 7: Makes me happy - My new toy.
July 8: Something crafty - A pair of socks I'm knitting. 
July 9: #TBT style evolution - 2108  vs. 2014 - I looked more emo than I remembered.
July 10:In the morning! - My medication, bathroom, tea and some browsing.
July 11: A beautiful place! - My parents garden.
July 12: Celebrate yourself - I'm the king!
July 13: Silly selfie - ;)
July 14: On your wall - In the living room above the sofa - almost all picture are taken by me.
July 15: Favorite City London. It's way too long since I've been there...

July 16: Favorite Quote TesseracT - Perfection
July 17: Favorite book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in place for the Harry Potter series.
July 18: Flower power I really love those vintage-ish flowery patterns.
July 19: Street art
July 20: My hero My Great-Grandma - Meine Uroma
July 21: In your bag 
July 22: Pinboard - Since I don't really like the vision board technique so I'm showing you my pinboard.
July 23: Things I ♡ Thursday
July 24: My wish - Instead of posting my wish
July 25: Write a love letter
July 26: RSL meal - It's not what I had today - but that's what I eat when I want to treat myself.
July 27: Dream vacation - a combination of the best vacations I had
July 28: Your bookshelf - Yes, my books are sorted by color.
July 29: Favourite artist - H.P. Lovecraft
July 30: #TBT best day ever
July 31: I’m rad because…

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