Sunday, October 08, 2017

#YarnLoveChallenge - September 2017

In found out about this challenge like 2 days too late but I decided to participate nevertheless. The challenge was hosted by @yarnlovechallenge / @maryheatherb & @oharethey on Instagram and you can find all the other peoples post under #yarnlovchallenge or #yarnlovechallengeseptember.

Here all my pictures and answers. You may recognise some of my older projects. I reposted a lot of things since I had problems with my left hand and couldn't really knit a lot during most of the month.

1. Intro / Why I love yarn - I love yarn because I can knit beautiful things with it. Knitting might be my favorite hobby. For me it’s so relaxing and most of the time I enjoy the process of making something out of beautiful yarn even more than the finished thing.

2. Winding - I love my yarn winder. It‘s a cheap one off eBay but it‘s such a helpful tool.

3. Most loved project - most loved project - I just couldn’t decide so I picked my top 4. The SkyScarf because the process of making it over the course of a whole year was a great experience. The Batman sweater because so much thought went into creating the whole pattern from scratch and I love the result. The  Embrace Octopus Sweater because it was maybe my the most frustrating thing I ever made and I had to make so many adjustments but the finished result makes up for all the trouble. And finally my gradient striped shawl because these ate just my favorite colors of all time.

4. Earliest yarn memory - My earliest yarn memory - I honestly can’t tell so instead I chose the probably oldest picture of me knitting. According to Ravelry this must have been back in 2012 when I just had started learning how to knit. Thanks to my dear friend Krissi who took this photo.

5. Ends - I hate sewing in ends so I was a horrified at the ideas of having to sew in ends all over the huge SkyScarf. Fortunately there are no ends to sew in between stripes. The unused colors are just wrapped in the edge which looks quite nice on the finished scarf. And I love the fringe on this scarf.

6. Weekday - On weekdays I‘m mostly working on smaller portable projects like these socks.

7. Dye - I never tried dyeing yarn myself but I once got this pretty hand-dyed yarn in the perfect shade of mintgreen as a present from a dear friend.

8. In my area - In my city we have a few yarn stores but they are either out of my budget or not my taste. So I order most of my yarn online or get it when I‘m on vacation.

9. Weekend - I keep my bigger projects for the weekends mostly because I don’t want to carry all that different balls of yarn around with me.

10. Black &white - one of my favorite colors not only for knitting things i grey so here you have a collection of grey things I made in the last few years.

11. Oldest FO - This is my oldest FO that didn‘t immediately frog again. I was so proud and wore this hat quite often. Looking back it’s actually not that bad and I still love the color.

12. Challenging - One thing I always have trouble with is getting socks to fit me right especially the heel. That‘s part of why I don’t like knitting socks.

13. Relaxing - My feel-good needle size is 4mm/US 6 so knitting simple projects with these needles is very relaxing for me.

14. Gradient - I loooove gradient yarna. Among my favorites are the hand-winded yarns by and the Schoppel Zauberball.

15. Motif - A rainbow counts as a motif, right?

16. Corner of my home - My corner is my craft room / office. This is where I keep all my knitting, sewing and other craft supplies.

17. Soothing color - Green.
18. Favorite pattern - This was hard to decide but I chose the „My Favorite Things Scarf“ because I already made two of these and I‘m currently planning another one. The first one was one of my first big projects and it is far from perfect but I learned so much while knitting it. I just love knitting scarfs.

19. Non-yarn hobbies - That would be sewing. I was sewing way before I learned how to knit but since then my sewing machine is gathering dust a lot.

20. Snip - What does this even mean? Well here you have the snipped off ends of this pair of socks I finally finished.

21. Puffy - I’m not big on pompoms or very puffy yarns so the puffiest thing I could think of were these tassels on a hat I made earlier this year.

22. Autumn - My yarn for this years fall project arrived.

23. Substitutions - Paperclips as stitch markers. Honestly, who hasn’t done that?

24. Length - The SkyScarf again. It not only took a whole year to make it also measures around 3m.

25. Want - Aaaall the gradient yarns!

26. Need - Actually nothing at all. I have more than enough yarn (my whole stash weighs about 4kg) and all the tools need.

27. Morning - Time to decide which hat and scarf I’m going to wear today.

28. Evening - Time to hatch some new ideas.

29. Hats - I just love knitting hats <3

30. Finishing - The last stitches of binding off my rainbow pillowcase project. My hand feels a bit better so I think I can finally finish this.

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