Monday, December 31, 2018


2018 is over. Finally? I'm not sure how to feel about the past year. It had it's ups and downs. It's not *the worst year ever* but it also not my best year ever. There have been a lot of small things that happened this year. Good things, okay things and not so nice things. 

Feeling unproductive was the main feeling this year. But there are a few things I made or did this year:
  • I made quite a few things in pottery class. I'm not exactly sure how many pieces but that's actually what's important. What I really like about pottery it that it takes time. The whole process is just really slowing and calming to me. 
  • I completed only 3 knitting projects this year. One of the main reasons for that was the tendonitis that prevented me from using my left hand for quite some time. I'm still not really back into knitting but I guess I just have to give it some time and not stress myself.
  • I published only 39 posts this year. It's even less than last year because around August I decided to not pressure myself to write a post every week and instead focus on having fun with what I do. So far it works very well for me.
  • I had 3 really nice short vacations with Mr. Biest. Some friend and us went to Prague in February. In July we went to Hamburg and in October we went to the Frankfurt Book Fair. 
  • I really love taking photos with my Instax polaroid camera. I decided to only use it for special occasions and on vacation since the films are quite expensive. 
  • I had my a longer internship in the beginning of the year. It wasn't really a pleasant experience. I'm trying to mostly leave that behind me and at least learn how I don't want to things.
  • And I'm really proud of myself that I managed to publish a video on YouTube every month plus some travel vlogs. 
The year was bit of a mixed bag. There was some personal growth for me but I guess there is always room for improvement. There were some dark times, some still ongoing issues and sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a loop. But there were also some really great times and amazing people that I have grown closer with over the course of that year.
I'm not good at new years resolutions but I'd really like to get better at standing up for myself in a healthier way. Thats not something I can measure or cross off a to do list but I'll try my best working on it. Also I'd like to continue appreciating on the positive things and all the good time I have and had. If you like you can watch this video I made with all my favorite moments of the year here or on YouTube

And so I say goodbye for this year - I wish you all a wonderful New Year's Eve!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

#Document Your Life - December 2018

Here is my "Document your life" video for the month of December. I know, the month is not over yet but to stick to my self imposed schedule I had to already upload it. December was a very concert heavy month and of course there were some holiday celebrations.

The music in all my videos was kindly provided by Mr. Biest. I'll leave you the link to my YouTube channel here in case you want to check out my other videos. And if I manage to upload it I'll post a longer video with all my highlights of the whole year, too. 

Hier ist meine "Document your life" Video vom Dezember. Ich weiß, noch ist der Monat nicht ganz rum, aber damit mein "Plan" aufgeht, musste ich es eben schon hochladen. Der Dezember war, wie ihr sehen könnt ziemlich konzertlastig und natürlich waren da auch noch die Feiertage.

Die Musik hat wieder netterweise Mr. Biest beigesteuert. Ich lasse auch den Link zu meinem YouTube Kanal einfach mal hier, für den Fall jemand von euch mag sich meine anderen Videos ansehen. Und wenn ich es schaffe lade ich in den nächsten Tagen auch noch ein längeres Video mit allen Highlights des ganzen Jahres hoch. 

Saturday, December 29, 2018


December is always a busy month. Probably for most of us. I'm not an exception. Between the last preparations for my coming internship and the holidays I actually managed to be a bit more productive this month. I haven't really got anything to show for that since I was mostly repairing stuff, reorganising my craft room and decorating but it's at least something. I tried to start knitting again but my hand won't really cooperate yet. Even the time I spend sewing seemed a bit to much strain for my hand. I'll need to give it some more time I guess.
The holidays were the same as every year. A lot of driving around. Food, movies and drinks. Mr. Biest and I got a robot vacuum cleaner this year. It's really great since we both don't like vacuuming and the little robot is actually kinda cute. 
We also went to a few concerts this month. Some smaller and local metal bands. It was nice and it's always nice to meet friends at those concerts. 
There are a few more blogposts coming in the next days including my yearly review and I guess there will be two new videos as well. 
Today I'll spend my time playing Dungeons and Dragons for the last time this year. My one friend prepared a little special adventure and I even build a new character for the occasion.

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