Sunday, December 02, 2018


November might be my least favorite month of the year. As I tell you every year I don't really like the darker times of the year. In October there is at least Halloween and all the light-up decorations in December also help but November is just this month in between where nothing really happens. I had some weird moments this month and a few doctors appointments, which is necessary but annoying. 
School was as usual. Pottery class is still my highlight of the week and it's kinda the only DIY stuff I really did this month. My hand (the one with the tendonitis) is mostly okay but and since I have to play guitar in school I try to do nothing else that could be straining. In December I want to try start knitting again since I want to knit a least one gift for someone. 
On one weekend I was visiting my parents and I took a lot of photos of the beautiful foggy weather. Fog is probably my favorite weather and this fall we seem to get a lot of it. I also got some cuddle time with the dog which is always a treat. I wish I had the time and the space for a dog of my own but sadly I'll have to wait at least another 2 years for that to become possible. So for the time being I have to "borrow" other peoples dogs for the occasional cuddle.
You may have seen on Instagram that I added a few new Funko Pop figurines and some Lego to my collection. The wax seal you see in the pictures was on one of packages from eBay. I bought one figure in an auction and the seller was so amazing - I love little things like that. Right now I working on rearranging all the pieces and adding a way of lighting to the shelves. 
Ohh, and I bought new dice again. These are for the same character I made the diary for. I really love this character and I wish I could play him more often but life has come in the way of playing regularly quite often in the past few month.  

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