Tuesday, December 31, 2019


2019 is over. Time flew like nothing and I can't believe a whole new decade is about to start. The decade will (probably ... hopefully?) have been the most turbulent one of my entire life. In 2010 I finished school and started into my adult life hilariously unprepared. I crashed hard. More than once. I've been at lows I could never have imagined and I experienced more amazing things than I had ever dreamed of. I met people and I said goodbye to people. But most importantly, I got to know myself better. I grew up in a sort of way. What a ride.
But back to 2019. The year had its ups and downs, too. I try to concentrate on the ups even if that's not always easy. But this is a place for the good memories and here are a few.

The main feelings this year were "feeling appreciated" and "feeling overwhelmed". A weird mix. my struggle with being productive or not feeling productive enough has been my main struggle the last few years. I tried to leave that behind and concentrate on just living. Sounds easier than it actually was ... but can look back on some nice experiences:
  • I adopted four giant snails into my home and they have been my main focus during the last few months.
  • My dice hoard collection grew a lot this year. 
  • I made quite a few things in pottery class. Sadly this class ended and right now I don't have the time to find another class outside of my regular curriculum. 
  • I started with painting minis. A hobby that I hope to grow once I'm in a better financial situation.
  • I almost entirely had to give up knitting. I worked on one knitting project this year. (tendonitis  ... you probably know that by now). Let's see what the next year brings.
  • I published 29 posts this year. Last year's resolution was not to pressure myself to write a post every week and instead focusing on having fun with what I do. It worked very well for me.
  • I finished my second internship at the beginning of the year and it was a great learning opportunity in many ways. I look back with positive feelings and I feel better prepared for my future job thanks to that internship. 
  • And I'm really proud of myself that I managed to publish a video on YouTube every month. 
The year felt a bit like a repetition of last year. One step forward, two steps back. But there were also some really great times and amazing people that I have grown closer to. I managed to fulfill my resolution of standing up for myself more. Not always with the results I hoped for but I guess that's just life. Next year I'd like to get better at not making everything my responsibility in that regard. Let people be responsible for their own decisions and not beat myself up over things (and people) I can not change.
If you like you can watch this video I made with all my favorite moments of the year here or on YouTube

And so I say goodbye for this year - I wish you all a wonderful New Year's Eve!

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