Sunday, January 27, 2019


January is almost over and as the ones of you who follow me on Instagram might have noted I was even less active than usual. The reason for that is the internship that I just started. For my apprenticeship I have to do one 3 month long internship every year in different parts of my future field of work. If you have been reading my blog for a while you might remember that my last internship hasn't been too great. It was very challenging for me because of the people that were supposed to mentor me but I made it through it. I also hoped that this internship would be better. At first it didn't seem as bad as the last one (at least on an interpersonal level) but the long working hours were hard for me. Once I tried to solve that issue things got even more stressful. Right now I just hope I'll make it through this somehow without ruining my health or risking my good grades.

Between work and doing all my reports for school I don't really have time left. It's frustrating. I can't even knit on my daily commute because my hand (the one with the tendonitis) started to act up again. 

On the brighter side - I bought a ton of new dice after the holidays and they have arrived by now. I'm building a new character for a new D&D party and of course a new character needs completely new dice (at least for me - it's a great excuse to buy dice.!) The grey ones and the glittery black ones are ba Chessex and the rainbow ones I just from a random eBay shop. It won't be for another few month (?) that I'll actually get to play this new character but I got excited and to be honest I can really use every tiny bit of positivity - and be it through "retail therapy".
And I also got myself the "Lord of Misrule" perfume as a late Christmas present. They didn't have the shower gel this year and I'm not really into bathbombs so this is just perfect for me.

Also I changed my haircolor a few weeks ago. It's black and dark blue at the moment. I just got frustrated with the way the green turned into turquoise after a few washes and so I just dyed it all blue. Let's see how long I keep it this way.  

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hill of the Dragons

I finally found the time to take pictures of one my latest pieces from pottery class. You might recognise it since I have been posting in progress pictures and already showed this on Instagram.

It's a piece is just for decoration. We were supposed to create some kind of landscape on a round base plate. No, it’s NOT a church! As some you might have seen on Instagram - it's (loosely) inspired by the city of Whiterun in Skyrim. And when I say loosely I mean that the basic shape is based on the city but some finer details I just couldn't replicate in clay. It's actually red clay by the way but I used engobes that tend to be very opaque. For the water in the river and the well I used tiny glass pieces that melt in the oven but stay transparent just like water. 

It's one of the last pieces I made last year. Since now I'm starting another internship I wont have pottery class for a while. Also my teacher for this class quit and in summer we will get a new teacher. I hope they will be as great as the old teacher since I really enjoy this class.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Smoke & Tentacles

Here is another piece from my pottery class. I have already been posting in progress pictures of this one here and on Instagram

This little dilapidated hut covered in tentacles is an incense burner. You put an incense cone in the house and smoke rise out of the little crack in the roof. The design of my incense burner house is probably not your typical christmassy cute design but since I burn incense all year long it seem fitting to make a burner that I'd like to display all the time.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Stash Reducing Project 2018

Last year was not really a great year for knitting. I had some trouble with my left hand (tendonitis ...). So I only knitted some projects in the first few month of the year, did my usual break over the summer (it was just way too warm) and then I had to keep my hand in a hand splint. It has gotten a lot better but I'm still taking it easy. But that doesn't mean I abandoned my stash organising routine. For the sixth year in a row I'm now working on reducing my yarn stash. In 2018 I started with of 4.750g of yarn and had the resolution to end the year with the same amount or less in my stash. And I reached that goal - by the end of 2018 I had a total of 4.340g in my stash. Thats a minus of 410g in total. (And it's exactly the same amount my stash gained in 2017 - that's kinda funny to me.)

In total I used up only 410g (in 2017 it was 2.370g) of yarn and added no new yarn at all  to my stash (in 2017 it was 2.780g). I worked on only 4 projects, finished 3 successfully and one is still in progress. Here are all my 2018 projects on Ravelry.

This year my goal is still to get my stash under 4.000g or at least use up at least as much as I buy. My queue on Ravelry has some things on it, but I'll need to sort through this again. And I still have to decide what to do with my Rainbow "My Favourite Things Scarf" since I don't really like the way it looks and that's probably why I didn't continue working on it. So much for the plan. In the sidebar you will find a link to the project which I'll try to update every month.
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