Sunday, January 13, 2019

Smoke & Tentacles

Here is another piece from my pottery class. I have already been posting in progress pictures of this one here and on Instagram

This little dilapidated hut covered in tentacles is an incense burner. You put an incense cone in the house and smoke rise out of the little crack in the roof. The design of my incense burner house is probably not your typical christmassy cute design but since I burn incense all year long it seem fitting to make a burner that I'd like to display all the time.


  1. Oh, die fertigen Bilder auf IG hab ich leider verpasst, toll geworden! Ich hab seit langem auch mal wieder Räucherkegel (nur ganz ohne Brenner momentan). :)

    1. Das war kurz vor Weihnachten, wahrscheinlich ist da bei Instagram einiges untergegangen ;)
      Und Dankeschön :3


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