Sunday, March 03, 2019


February was a bit better than January I guess. But I probably just got more indifferent towards all the stuff that is going on. The situation with my internship hasn't really changed much and I have another month of it left with my practical exam on top of it. Right now I completely lack motivation to prepare for that. On top of everything I got a really nasty cold later in the month. But I still went to work since I didn't want to miss any hours. All the missing hours I'd have to redo in the summer and I really don't want that.
But for now I'm trying to focus on the good times I had this month. In the beginning of the month Mr. Biest and I visited our first concert of the year. It was good to just take a break from everything for a few hours. I also started painting my first ever miniatures for D&D. With a lot of help from a dear friend I prepared and started to paint mine and Mr. Biests characters for out current D&D parties. I watched a lot of tutorials and my friend is helping me a lot. But I still just started out so please don't judge me too hard. I also got a few new sets of dice (... of course I did - my dice hoarding is really getting out of control I guess. But pretty dice just make me happy so I don't really care.) And I changed my haircolor. I'm back to my favorite forest green. 
Now I just have to get through the next month and I hope after that things will get better again. 

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