Sunday, June 30, 2019


The month of June went by so quickly. The weather went from cold and rainy to unbearably hot and right now I'm just trying to survive the heat. 
One weekend I was helping out my friends on a street festival. They're promoting the local metal music scene by doing corpse paint and handing out flyers and stickers. 
On the last day of that festival a friend and I also visited a workshop hold at the local game store to test some new miniature paints. I'm still a beginner but I really enjoyed the experience. 
In pottery class I was mostly busy with a sculpture. We were supposed to create out own chimera like creature. I chose the combination of a bear and and owl. We had to do a drawing first and then sculpt it in different version. Unfortunately there was an accident with the oven. One student put a sculpture in the oven that was way to thick-walled, it exploded and took most of the other pieces with it. That's why only one of my sculptures made it. I'm glad it was this one and now only the final glaze is missing. I also did some knitting. I started to knit something from the rainbow yarn I bought last month. 
Then there were some D&D sessions, I got a few new dice (I saw an infinity stones themed dice set on reddit and tried to recreate it) and it was my birthday. I wasn't really in the mood to celebrate so we just went out for dinner. 
Now I hope that the heat will not continue throughout the whole summer. I have another week of school and then I'm off for sic longs weeks. I can hardly wait ...

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