Sunday, July 28, 2019


July was a very lazy month for me. I was on summer break and used my time mostly for sleeping in, catching up on my favorite D&D streams and having a lot of naps. 
Since I wasn't really up to celebrating my birthday back in June one of my friends prepared an awesome pirate themed D&D one-shot and we had a small get-together to play. Big thanks to all of them for gifting me not only this great adventure but also the matching minis and even new paints. The same paints I tried out a few weeks ago and loved so very much. 
We didn't go away on vacation this summer. We're maybe going to take a short vacation later in the fall but nothing is really planned yet.
Instead I spend a lot of time with some of my hobbies. I painted some minis with my new paints, I made some new dice cups, build a few more notebooks for my D&D characters and I even did a bit of sewing. Nothing fancy, only taking in a few shirts but I've been more productive in the last few weeks than I have been all year. It feels good. 

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