Sunday, July 21, 2019

Scaly Dice Cups

Do you remember when I made myself a dice cup from felt some time back? I have to admit that I didn't really use it that much. The felt was too thin and that made the cup a bit unstable. So I kept using my old leather dice cup. It wasn't pretty but it worked. Then Mr. Biest gave me his old super pretty dice cup. I loved the look of it but it didn't feel right. And since I often blame my bad dice rolls on my dice cup I decided to make myself a new one. 

I bought two blank leather cups and used my soldering pen and some paint to create these patterns. I‘m not super happy with the scale pattern on the brown one. There was a little accident with the soldering pen that I had to cover up. But it’s okay for a first try. And then I made another one and this time I also painted the leather and I really love the result.

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