Sunday, August 11, 2019

Starry Sky Dice Tray

I hope you're not tired of seeing alls those dice related things on my blog. This time it's neither a new addition to my hoard nor more dice cups. This time I made myself a new foldable fabric dice tray. 
I got a similar one for my birthday last year that I've been using ever since. And since I really love having matching gaming equipment for all of my characters I wanted to get another one. 

The fabric that I used is from Spoonflower and I didn't use a pattern. I simply drew a hexagon on a DIN A3 paper, transferred that to the fabric, sewed the front and back together leaving a small opening for turning and stitched down the edges and the lines for folding. Added some buttons and done. It looks a bit wonky (and I really should iron it again) but I really like how it turned out.

Also these are some of my favorite dice. It's the set I use for my oldest character. A very chaotic (ex-)monk how likes to set stuff on fire and steals his enemies fancy clothing for himself.


  1. That looks awesome and the dice match the galaxy print perfectly! Have to keep that in mind, might be useful for other things too. (Sadly no P&P at the moment for me.)
    Cheers, Janina


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