Sunday, December 01, 2019


Time flies and now November is over. There wasn't going on much. Except for one thing: I added four new friends to our home. Four giant snails, Achatina Fulica to be specific. They live in a terrarium and spend most of their time eating, napping and slowly exploring and then napping some more. So there is probably going to be photos and videos of snails more often in the future. They also have their own Instagram @sweetgiantsnails
I also promised you to add some photos I didn't manage to upload in time last month and here they are. Mostly some polaroids I took during our vacation. It took me some time to scan them this time. 
I also took a lot of pictures of dice. Mostly dice palettes for different characters. That's a thing I really like to do. I always have way too many dice for each of my characters and creating the perfect set of dice is a big part in my character creating process. I just really love dice.
And I managed to take some decent pictures of my minis. At first, I used my DSLR but it so old that even my phone takes better pictures now. Very frustrating but with a little help of a DIY lightbox I got some pictures in the end. I'll post more over the next few weeks.

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