Sunday, May 16, 2021

Theme of the Month | April - Knitting

Last months theme was 'Small Goals' and that went really well. But this month ... the theme was 'Knitting' ... I had big plans ... it went ... not well ... I guess?

I had intentionally not started a few projects in March that I wanted to work on in April. But this didn't happened. I don't even have a good excuse. I just wasn't doing it.

Instead I bought yarn, I bought patterns and I took some time to learn about a bunch of current issues in the knitting community. I'm not really in a position where I could give a great explanation on what is going on so instead I linked a few starting points: From the whole accessibility discussion concerning Ravelry (this blog post explains it very well), to yarn companies being horribly to their POC employees (Leila Raven explains it all very well on her blog) and white designers dominating the discussion while also acting in ways that I don't want to support (thisthisthis and so much more...).
It's a mess. And I'm glad that there is so much more awareness for issues like this. A year ago I probably wouldn't have even heard of these topics and now I have the chance to listen to the people affected and do my part by making more conscious decisions. 
I get it that some people are not happy about being confronted with 'political' discussions when it comes to knitting and such. But basic human rights and decency should not even be a 'political discussion'. Some people are considered to be 'a political statement' by some just by purely existing (POC, queer people, ...) and being able to just ignore these 'political' issues is a huge privilege that not everybody has. A privilege that people can use to make a positive change by being just a bit more conscious, willing to listen and open to change.

But now back to the actual crafty part - I still did a bit of knitting and a few yarn related things:

I tried my hand at dyeing yarn for the first time. I used dye for easter eggs and lots if vinegar. This color combination is so pretty and the dying process was quite easy. I already order some more dye and search through my stash for more yarn to dye.

I wore my latest beanie quite a bit. It has reflective strands in the yarn which is something I just love. The yarn is nothing special, but one can never have enough beanies in my opinion.
I bought a pattern - the 'Deschain' pullover/tee and is almost finished. It's something I never knitted or really wore before, but I love the look and I hope I will like it on myself. 
I also bought a bunch of yarn for the 'Cozy MacBlanket' Cardigan. I saw this design on Reddit even before it came out as a pattern and I just can't resist a big drapy cardigan like this.

While I looked at the yarn I had gotten for my lastest projects, I realised that I still buy the same yarn I did a few years back as a student. It's not the cheapest option, but it's definitely not the high-class-30€-per-strand-hand-dyed-imported yarn. Maybe I could buy this now. But I don't. And I have a problem with people shaming others for their yarn-choices. I appreciate the work in an item, not how expensive the material was. It's perfectly for everybody to use their choice of yarn, may it be the clearance-bin acrylic yarn or the one-of-a-kind-skein from their favourite Etsy shop. In the case of supporting small businesses and designers by buying their yarn I completely understand that people want to promote where they got their yarn from and that's amazing! Theres a big difference between telling people 'Hey, I got this amazing yarn form Small (Local) Artist and they offer some amazing quality yarn!' and 'Why do you still buy this Cheap Stuff? Why don't you buy Expensive Brand like me?!'. It just feels a bit icky and classist to material-shame people and I don't like it.

And one more thing - I knitted a pair of socks. Actually I started them back in December and just finished them now. They are not for me either, I don't really like the feel of knitted socks, they are for my mom. She loves knitted socks and mended the pair I made for her a few years back so often now that it was time for a new pair. I also don't like knitting socks. But for her I do it once in a while.

And that was me and knitting. The month was a great representation of my whole relationship with this hobby. I'm inconsistent in how much I knit, but I like having pretty yarn and sometime spend a lot more time planning instead of actually knitting. But that's just how it is.

The theme for May is 'steps' and that is interesting because of my injured foot. But let's see how it is by the end of the month.


  1. Thank you for making me aware of this! I only knit occasionally, but I always found Ravelry confusing and a bit annoying to use. I can only imagine how hard it must be with any kind of impairment. I recently had a (mandatory) workshop for digital accessibility at work (university), now I learned even more about it and already made some small adjustment to my website.
    I also don't understand why people have to be so judgemental on how much one can or wants to spend on yarn. I do have some £20 skeins im my stash that I haven't used yet because I find them too precious...
    Anyway, I always love to see your projects and I' curious what you will make from the purple and green yarn. <3

    1. You're welcome! I wasn't aware of these issue until recently and I think it's such an important conversation.

      I find myself doing the same with the more expensive yarn I own 😅

      And thank you for your kind words ☺️