Owl Beret


Simple pattern for a Beanie with owls. The pattern is onsize but it's easily adjustable.

Ein einfaches, anfängertaugliches Muster für eine Beanie Mütze mit Eulenmuster. Diese Anleitung ist onesize, aber einfach anpassbar.

For those of you who prefer beanies I have the matching "Owl Beanie"

Wer lieber Beanies mag, für den gibt es das passende "Eulen Beanie".

For more of my patterns please take a look here: 
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Mehr von meinen Strickmustern:
Auf meinem Blog und bei Ravelry


  1. English link not working!!!!

    1. Thank you for reporting this, it should be fixed now :)

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  2. Hello Octostag - lovely owls!! I'm new to charts - can you confirm your beret and beanie patterns show all rows, so I'm knitting right to left for Row 1 and left to right for Row 2 - just that my owls look a bit strange!! Look forward to your reply!

    1. Hello :)
      No, it's knitted in rounds, not in rows. You begin with ribbing in rounds and then start the first row of the chart, knit it to the end of the chart and start the next repeat of the chart. You only knit right to left for the whole round. You repeat every row of the cart as often as you want to repeat the owl motif. Then for the second round you start the next row of the chart.
      Does that help you? If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask :)


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